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Honorable Mention
My photo relates to the topic of phenomena because it demonstrates the beauty of our world that is right in front of us, but can easily be ignored or overlooked because humans are used to it and have such busy lives that they begin to forget about the beauty of this world that we were born into. I have a free-write poem that accompanies this photo:
A beach sunset demonstrates many things
It shows tranquility
A sense of peace
The balance of sea and sky
All with our beautiful sun in the middle
A beach sunset
It is one of many beauties in nature
It is on our earth,
In our life,
That we get to see the wonders of nature
That we get to experience sunsets every day
And going to the beach or the mountains
And there are so many different parts
One of which is:
A Beach Sunset

Honorable Mention
I took this photograph in a small village in Austria, where we go every summer. My family and I have a tradition where we hike up the tallest mountain in the village until we reach the cave where I took this photo. The picture represents phenomena because the foreground is filled with a green, summery landscape, and in the far background, you can see a jagged mountain covered in snow. The two extremes give a stark contrast, while at the same time complement one another.
Honorable Mention
My photo relates to the theme presented this year because it demonstrates what we are really after in life in the foreground, with the beauty of what is available to us, but not sought after, in the background. It shows what is right in front of our face and what we are directly focused on, with nature right there, all we have to do is expand our narrow vision. We tend to strive for the luxuries in life: lavish properties, extravagant cars, or in this case an expensive, fancy Italian meal. While we work constantly and without rest to earn money in order to be able to afford these indulgences, we often ignore the true luxury that is always available to us: nature. As an urban resident, one would assume that the beautiful environment would be inaccessible to an inhabitant of a megalopolis, known for the destruction of the outdoors. But nature is everywhere, sometimes you just need to look a little harder for it.
Honorable Mention
This photo was taken at a Dojo when my sister was doing her Taekwondo test. This relates to phenomena because the picture shows the strength, power and defense skill of a young girl. Dear judges this is my first ever contest.
Honorable Mention
I chose this picture because it shows the ocean. We're seeing lots of pictures really quickly but this is just one of them. This is the phenomenon of the waves of the ocean. We only see a little bit of water while there is a lot of water.
Honorable Mention
This picture was taken at a flower shop, where there are a lot of flowers and color to experience. It relates to the theme because not many people know how to take pictures of nature or any type of flowers. Yes, what I would like the judges to know is that I love these pictures. They are my favorite,
Honorable Mention
When I visited Japan last summer, one of the things I had to complete on my bucket list was to ride the Shinkansen, Japan's bullet train. Luckily enough, I had the chance to ride it when going to Kyoto from Tokyo, hence why I took this photo. I went to the cabin entry door and took a picture of a view outside the window. I chose to use this photo from my recent travels to Japan, because I am fascinated by the technology and efforts the Japanese pulled into launching the most successful bullet train in the world.

I believe it is "phenomenal" in itself that train technology has advanced so far. Considering the train was moving at speeds above 200mph, it's insane that I was able to capture a diversity of the Japanese countryside, some hills, and a view outside the window itself. It still amazes me to this day that I was able to ride on a technological marvel.
Honorable Mention
Most people think that phenoma is something that you can only see if you are lucky. To me I think it means what is special about something or someone. For example, I chose my cloud photo because no one will be able to take that same exact photo. Someone could get a similar photo, but not the same. I think my photo represents phenomena because I promise you that you will never get this same photo again.
Honorable Mention
The sky is normally blue, but one fine morning, I caught it white ! Yes, it looked like a white, warm blanket to cover the trees, the earth.
The sky has been my favorite topic to study. I love looking at it especially around sunrise and sunset. There are lots of colors: pink, orange, purple, but I have never seen the clouds covering the whole sky so beautifully.
The formation of clouds is a natural phenomena, looking like layers. Just touching the trees was worth clicking.
I am just 9 years old. My parents used to click my pictures when I was a little baby. They would click me all the time and that's how my interest in photography started developing. Now I click and they become my models. I click everything that appeals to me: birds, trees, flowers, moon, sky.
I hope everyone will love my photo, "A White Blanket" click.
Honorable Mention
I chose an air vent because I like the AC. In my opinion it is the one of the greatest inventions. It cools me off on long road trips. It warms me up when it’s cold. I truly love the air conditioning.
Honorable Mention
This photo of acrylic swirls on a paper plate create their own unique phenomena because it is a creative situation to observe the separation of the liquids in paint and mixing them together with another in ways that don't create a new color but rather a new view of how paints can be combined.
Honorable Mention
I’ve recorded a natural phenomena. It’s the result of rain falling on the leaf and me being in the right place at the right time.
Items 1 to 12 of 313
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