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A Bloom in the Woods
Melanie C
Los Angeles
Contest Year: 2018
Honorable Mention
My sister and I were in Mindo, a forest in Ecuador full of amazing and unique plants and species. Suddenly, it started raining. While we were exploring, we found some beautiful trees. We decided to use the trees as a background to shoot the rose and other flowers because the trees made the colors of the roses stand out. This picture symbolizes the beauty of Ecuadorian Roses and emphasizes the exploration of nature. A magical place that will surprise you every time you investigate.

The investigation of nature, specially the flora, lead us to the conclusion that roses are one the the most beautiful plants found all over the word. As a fact it is known that the most beautiful roses come from South America specially from Ecuador. Ecuador also offers the largest selection of rose varieties, about 500 varieties, in the most amazing colors, from natural colored roses like red, white, pink, light pink and lavender to exotic tinted roses like the black roses and rainbow roses.These roses are considered the best of the world, mainly due to a supreme advantage in rose buds or blooms. Also another big advantage is their stem size. Roses that are grown in Ecuador are by far superior to other roses, thanks to the growing conditions that are at the Equator (the middle of the world). These roses are so strong that they will remain fresh for a longer time compared to roses from other countries.

Finally the investigation of the nature and research, make the picture presented a representation of the one of the most meaningful and beautiful plants all over the world .

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