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An Invitation
Fiona E
Los Angeles
Contest Year: 2019
Honorable Mention
This photo was taken in the quad of my school. It's where most of the student population can be found at lunch, and there is always something interesting happening. It seemed like a good place to take a photo with the theme of participation, because even though my school is very welcoming and inclusive, there are always some people standing apart and watching life pass them by.
Knowing this, the story behind the photo is that a person separate from the rest of the school is being invited to join their peers. To this end, the person offering his hand is depicted in warm colors, with a serious face. The background is blurred to direct the viewer's focus to the person with his hand outstretched. This photograph relates to the theme of participation because it shows a student inviting his classmate to join him in participating in school life, rather than just standing by and watching everyone else go about their lives.

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