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A Fancy Italian Dinner
Michael C
Los Angeles
Contest Year: 2020
Honorable Mention
My photo relates to the theme presented this year because it demonstrates what we are really after in life in the foreground, with the beauty of what is available to us, but not sought after, in the background. It shows what is right in front of our face and what we are directly focused on, with nature right there, all we have to do is expand our narrow vision. We tend to strive for the luxuries in life: lavish properties, extravagant cars, or in this case an expensive, fancy Italian meal. While we work constantly and without rest to earn money in order to be able to afford these indulgences, we often ignore the true luxury that is always available to us: nature. As an urban resident, one would assume that the beautiful environment would be inaccessible to an inhabitant of a megalopolis, known for the destruction of the outdoors. But nature is everywhere, sometimes you just need to look a little harder for it.

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