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A Curious Mind
Sophia L
Los Angeles
Contest Year: 2020
Contest Winner
"I took this picture in the morning. I chose the morning because the morning is when all of the bees and birds are out in my backyard. It is also when the flowers, plants and grass look fresh. When I was outside I saw my cat looking out the window watching the bees pollinate flowers and the birds flying. Then I took the picture from outside the window creating the glare in the picture.

I titled this picture “A Curious Mind” because this picture made me wonder: What is she looking at? Why is she so focused? This picture represents the theme “Phenomena'' because it makes you wonder. What is happening? What is the cat watching? The phenomenon of curiosity drives us in life. It makes us want to learn and know more. Without curiosity where would we be in life? Who would cure diseases? Who would invent? Who would explore? Who would figure out what is edible and not edible? Who would find out how to purify water and other necessities we need to survive?

Curiosity drives our mind. They say curiosity killed the cat but that cat wouldn’t survive without its own curiosity and the curiosity of others. Curiosity is a phenomena because it has no limits."

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