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Honorable Mention
My photo was taken at a local park's gathering area. The photo shows where humanity is today. My photo has the American flag which represents freedom and our individual rights, but sometimes we have to give up some of our freedoms for the betterment of humanity. I made the photo black and white and used orange and green to focus on the important parts of the photo.
Honorable Mention
This photo was taken outside of my house. This photo relates to this year's theme because for almost all of 2020 we were stuck at home because of COVID-19. COVID-19 changed our lives, and it most likely will for a while. Our humanity has been suffering from this pandemic and we are losing lives everyday. If we can figure this out, we can go back to living our normal lives, and I think that's what everyone wants.
Honorable Mention
While experimenting with abstraction in photography, I found that the photos I was taking were giving me feelings and emotions that don't usually appear in my everyday life. This photo illustrates the boundless imagination and wonder that comes with staring out the window, and the place of comfort one is put in.
Honorable Mention
This photo was taken in my backyard, against the garage. It relates to humanity because to me, humanity is the defiance of rules for the sake of unity. This photo is an exemplar of this because it shows father and son embracing despite social distancing mandates.
Honorable Mention
As humans, we all hope for many things—a better life, a new opportunity, or for the sun to shine another day. Especially during this isolation, we search through the dark shadows that bear awful news in hopes of finding the joy that shines through with light. Hence, humanity is those who walk through the tough times to find their beacon of hope. This idea of finding hope is represented by the sun shining through the thick trees as two people walk in front of it to find something. The photo was taken in a small woodland area while I wandered around looking for photo opportunities during golden hour.
Honorable Mention
We were on a trip in Mexico. As my family and I were outside talking, my grandmother walked out with my baby cousin in her arms. The beautiful moment I saw was the caring, love, and compassion that my grandmother had for the baby. I never saw such a bond, such tenderness. Here, in the room, was the new generation, those who lie in the present, and the old, those who lie in the past. It was the cycle of life...and the cycle of love.
Honorable Mention
“Good-bye 2020” and “It’s a year to forget” are the kind of phrases I heard throughout the year. I heard many say that nothing good happened in 2020, but I saw 2020 differently. Two months before COVID shutdowns, this little girl was born. She was a little blessing in January of 2020. Each month that I took a picture of her and spent time with her, I thought of California Streaming’s theme “Humanity.” When the first COVID shutdowns hit, I thought face masks represented the Humanity theme. However, as the months dragged on and the struggles multiplied, I realized face masks were not temporary. 2020 will always hold pictures that show the depths of humanity. Sadness, compassion, and loss are only a few of the words that describe 2020. Yet, there was also triumph and joy mixed in with the hardships. This little girl reminded me that human beings will always push through the hard in search of happiness. She is why I will look back on 2020 as a blessing.
Honorable Mention
This photograph was taken in the kitchen of a lovely home, where we can see a mother feeding her baby daughter. This relates to humanity because it shows a person helping someone else. It shows kindness, patience and care. Humanity is not only about acting nice or kind around others. Humanity is showing love, and caring for the environment and for everyone else around you. In this photo, we can witness a person being thoughtful enough to help the baby eat, considering the fact that babies can't grab their own food and feed themselves. If this mother wouldn't have fed the baby, the baby could have died. In conclusion, humanity is everywhere, it's something we see and do on our daily basis. Even when you're not paying attention, helping and being nice to people can do so much more than you think.
Honorable Mention
I took this photo of my cousin, Scarlett, while we were at a park. She told me that she wanted her picture taken and while I was doing that I noticed how sparkling her eyes looked. I've always noticed her eyes, but this particular day they were beautiful! That day, as she was playing I watched how innocently she looked at the world. How every thought she thought was with kindness and very little perspective.

When I think of humanity I think of children. Children are born with a blank slate, an empty canvas. This means they don't think the way adults do and a lot of the time their ideas, demeanor towards things, and their personality are unbiased. They don't see things the way adults do. When a child gets an idea there is very little that can stop them. Their dreams are so pure and full of happiness that it is hard not to look at them and wonder what they will do next or what they will become.

I come from a big family. I love my family but my younger cousins have a very special place in my heart. Watching them grow and develop their own personalities give me so much hope!
Not Selected
This photo of was taken in my house as I do not leave it very often. It is a photo of my cat and late rabbit. Even though they are not human people, they are still very much like people to me, and they are my family. With them, I feel comfort. With them, I feel seen.
Honorable Mention
The subject of the photograph is a young child and it was taken at home. This photograph relates to this year’s contest theme of “HUMANITY” by showing the young child smiling. When viewing this photograph, many thoughts come to mind. I captured this moment to represent a compliment being given to someone else; in this case the young child. I placed my hand under her face to show how I am complimenting the subject on her beauty. Many people have different descriptions of what humanity is, but for me, it is the act of doing something in order to make someone else happy. Complimenting another person relates to humanity because whenever someone receives a compliment, the most common response is to smile.
Honorable Mention
The photo was taken in the backyard of my aunt's house. I decided, why not have my cousin dance around while I take pictures of her -since she used to be a dancer- and see how the photos turn out. It started for fun, then turned into beautiful portraits that capture the love and feeling that comes with all forms of art.
Honorable Mention
This photograph was taken on a walk in downtown. I thought this represents humanity by showing how far we have come as a society. As days and years go by, we as a society will have made and built more advanced objects and buildings.
Honorable Mention
My picture is of my older sister and her dog, Kaine, taken in our front yard. She rescued Kaine from the ASPCA in August of 2017. Kaine had spent his entire life, 2 years, in a cage until she adopted him. This picture shows the bond that has formed between the two of them in the 3 years she has had him. I chose this picture to show that sometimes the smallest gestures, such as adopting a pet, can show the most Humanity.
Not Selected
This photo was taken in my backyard. I think this photo relates to humanity because sometimes we forget to show love to other besides people. Showing love to our pets is important and is something all us humans should do. It is a act of kindness and love to others, and including pets too.
Honorable Mention
The Promises of Humankind

Tireless occupations,
interminable commutes,
leaving and returning to one home.

We made an unspoken vow,
in sickness and in health,
in day and night,
in happiness and sorrow,
that we would protect our world.

Nature retaliates at its mistreatment,
and almost instantaneously,
our Earth is reshaped into the confines of our home.

No cascading waterfalls,
or endless grassy plains.

No warm summer nights,
where the gentle breeze lingers like a fond embrace.

We are suddenly driven apart,
bound only by the fact that we are and always will be human.
That is what makes us remarkable.

That was my poem based on my photograph. Just across the street from us, there is a small building called "Paramount Pest Control". What makes the building I captured in my image so special is that it has changed so much over the years. Initially, it was a local pest control business. Then, it was turned into a studio to rent. Now, the lower floor is an empty artspace and the floor of the building captured in the photo is an apartment. I thought that the history of the building was important to include because it has transformed over time, which relates to how we too, change as time goes by.

Now you may be thinking, how does a window relate to the theme of humanity? Well, I'll do my best to explain it. I find that looking through windows gives you a small glimpse into someone else's life. (Hence the title of the image "A Glimpse Into Life" The window is also linked to humanity in another way. In the first stanza of my poem, I describe how previously, our home was a place we would leave and return to daily, but it was a place of relaxation, not confinement. Then, in my third stanza, I write, "Nature retaliates at its mistreatment, and almost instantaneously, our Earth is reshaped into the confines of our home." Essentially, that means that together, we have mistreated our Earth, which initiated a pandemic and trapped us in our homes. Therefore changing our perception of what "home" really is. In the final lines of my poem, I wrote this, "We are suddenly driven apart, bound only by the fact that we are and always will be human. That is what makes us remarkable." What I'm trying to say is, we have all driven each other apart because of our cruelty, which means that it is up to all of us as the human race to fix our mistakes. Due to the fact that the poem is mostly centered around our new home life, I thought that capturing a photo that shows a glimpse into our current lives would symbolize humanity. My main message is: no matter what, we are in this together.
Honorable Mention
This photograph was taken on a family trip to Bombay Beach. This beach is full of art installations that people can interact with and become one with the art. These installations are created by anyone wanting to express their creativity.

To me "Humanity" is every part of a person, what makes them a person. This swingset that was created out of recycled salt encrusted wood can be compared to an adults humanity. Sometimes adults are so concerned with their outward appearance that they begin to forget about the beauty of aging. They begin to lose their childlike wonder and excitement about the little things. This photograph captures the joy and feeling of freedom that soaring on a swing gives to a child, and an adult when they free themselves from their responsibilities.
Honorable Mention
This is a photo of my brother and my dog out on the grass in front of our house. He is giving our dog a treat, and I believe this photo represent's this year's theme of "Humanity" because humanity includes respecting and showing kindness to other species. Just because animals are different from humans, doesn't mean we should treat them with any less respect than we do with another human.
Honorable Mention
My dog was born at the pound. My family and I adopted him, which gave him the hope to become happier. I believe this relates to humanity, because of how we humans helped make a different animal's life better. Currently, he is living happily with us, and so, this is a photo of him admiring nature around our house. Thank you for reviewing my submission.
Honorable Mention
'Humanity!' said I, 'thing of civilization.'
I crave the silent, splendid society.
There stood a lonely variety.
Eagerly I looked for the kind
That individual human race - that individual human race,
And so you came gently dripping
All my soul within me ripping.
The lowliness laughed.
Take thy friendly from out my heart
And throw its ghost against the earth.
And so I screamed, 'Is that an act of uncertainty?'
It threw its ghost against the forms.
Death shall bring territories,
And its eyes have all the molding.
All my soul within me beholding,
A dragon of past continuance.
Items 1 to 20 of 407
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