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About us

CaliforniaStreaming is an ongoing project by the California County Educational Technology Consortium (CCETC). Serving 20 California County Offices of Education (and growing), CCETC has as one of its missions to provide, in the most cost-effective manner, top-quality multimedia to its member schools. CaliforniaStreaming is the only K-12 education community-owned and maintained multimedia provider featuring copy-right free and subscription-based video and audio on-demand, images, print resources, and even podcasts.

We are currently developing standards-based links to programs in all core disciplines—language arts, social studies, math, science, guidance, health, art, and music.

In addition to building content partnerships with vendors, CaliforniaStreaming provides County Offices of Education the ability to link their own custom content and provide it to their own users. Schools and even individual teachers who wish to produce content and share it with other CaliforniaStreaming users are encouraged to do so using our user-friendly interface.

California County Offices of Education are invited to learn more about joining CCETC, in order to enjoy the benefits of using CaliforniaStreaming, and content provided by its partners.