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Hang on to Yourself
Tiffany C
Los Angeles
Contest Year: 2023
Contest Winner
I believe this photograph shows innovation in many different ways. FIrst, the evolution of music, how it is recorded, distributed and shared has become so advanced in the last 10 years. Without this innovation, music would not be the same.

It also shows innovation in the way people record images and remember events like this. The first thing people do is take out their phone, post it on social media or share it with friends. I really like that this photo shows three different cell phones in the frame but they are all showing a slightly different moment in time from this night. There is also a photographer using a DSLR to take photographs of the same event.

The thing that truly amazes me about photography is how much innovation has been made in such a short amount of time. In the past 10 years cell phone cameras have evolved from taking barely 2 megapixel photographs to well over 30 megapixel photographs, which is better than most DSLR cameras that are on the market these days.

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